Crossword Puzzle

With thanks to Bill (KL7BB) We have some fun presented to us to help pass non-on-the-air time while practicing social distancing. The below crossword puzzle is our first round in testing your knowledge around amateur radio. Answer key will be posted in a week.

Hint: Some words may be hyphenated

Good Luck!



Here in the Pacific Northwest, I have assumed the roles and responsibilities of Assistant Director, Technical Specialist and a Volunteer Examiner, Nothwestern Division, ARRL. As an Amateur Radio Extra Class, I enjoy operating CW, SSB, FM, AM and Digital Mode technologies on the bands from 33cm through 80 Mtrs both base and mobile. With having a solid background in RF propagation and digital communications, I enjoy assisting others with their station setups. This station is powered by open source software. In addition to operating, I also assist with RFI/EMI complaints and/or problems. Whether we are tracing down powerline noise or assisting with complaints of interference, I try to render assistance toward a resolution. 73, Michael - KG7HQ

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