PBS program that will be airing on thanksgiving
evening featuring interviews with several Montana Hams

** This is cross-Posted by request of Dennis (KR7Q) **

Montana PBS has a stream live function on their web site: So anyone can watch the “ HAM” program if they want at https://www.montanapbs.org/live/

They can also see the schedule here:


Even if other hams are out of the viewing area, they should be able to watch by streaming using the above link.

The Date is Thanksgiving evening @ 7:30 PM Mountain Standard Time.

I have attached the official logo for the Program. It’s simply called – “Ham”.

Here’s the pr info from the UM students who produced the program..:

“Join us as we investigate the culture of Montana Amateur Radio Operators, or “hams”, as they recount their admiration for the global Amateur Radio community.”

Very 73

Dennis Lane


Here in the Pacific Northwest, I have assumed the roles and responsibilities of Assistant Director, Technical Specialist and a Volunteer Examiner, Nothwestern Division, ARRL. As an Amateur Radio Extra Class, I enjoy operating CW, SSB, FM, AM and Digital Mode technologies on the bands from 33cm through 80 Mtrs both base and mobile. With having a solid background in RF propagation and digital communications, I enjoy assisting others with their station setups. This station is powered by open source software. In addition to operating, I also assist with RFI/EMI complaints and/or problems. Whether we are tracing down powerline noise or assisting with complaints of interference, I try to render assistance toward a resolution. 73, Michael - KG7HQ

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