Northwestern Vice-Director

Please join me in welcoming Michael Sterba, KG7HQ to the position of

An introductory letter from him is below.

Mark, KB7HDX

Did you know that the ARRL Northwestern Division has an approximate
12,000 members?

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Michael Sterba, KG7HQ, and have honor
of being selected to represent each as your division Vice Director.

As our division leaders transition into new roles, please join me in
recognizing both Mike (W7VO) and Mark (KB7HDX) for their contributions
as division Director and Vice Director. Each demonstrated unwavering
leadership with focus and skill representing our community during a
difficult multiyear timeline. It’s their personal commitment coupled
with professional attention that guided us in adjusting to a reality
many could not have imagined. For this, many thanks and well wishes on
your new roles.

I have been an active radio enthusiast since the late 1960’s starting
out as a short-wave listener (SWL) using an 83 YU 726 Knight Allied
receiver and a SAVA Automatic VW155. Since then, I have expanded my
horizons into the many different facets of amateur radio and radio
communications hobby.

It was in those early days of listening in which my future was being
shaped. Beyond the commercial SWL broadcasts of yesteryear, I was
fixated on the conversations of the amateur radio operators like
yourselves, who spent endless hours honing their technical skills to
facilitate the art of two-way communication. As they shared their trials
and tribulations, I sat soaking in their experiences gaining the desire
for more. Little did I understand that these early mentors from afar
would shape the success of my personal and professional endeavors. To
those, I owe a debt of gratitude for the gifts they unknowing gave. It
is this sense of debt that drives my personal motivations to accept this
opportunity of office.

Within the amateur radio community, I’m stepping in from the roles and
responsibilities of Assistant Director, Technical Specialist, and a
Volunteer Examiner. I currently enjoy operating AM, CW, FM, SSB, and
digital mode technologies from 33cm through the 80m bands. Through the
years I have also contributed to the community through the appointed
roles of AEC, OES, and in leadership for multiple clubs and
organizations in our division.

I opened with a reference to our ~12,000 division members and am
circling back to why I’m here. Each of your voices are important.
Singularly, we have learned that the volume of each can fade quickly,
but together, we can create a chorus that influences the direction of
amateur radio. I’m a servient leader and in this, I tend to focus
primarily on the growth and well-being of our members and the amateur
radio communities in which we belong. My representational voice carries
the chorus of all forward in which I’ll do my best to communicate with
balance and clarity of your contributions.

Professionally, I’m employed by the Boeing Company as a senior business
analyst and formally held the roles of an employee development
specialist, aircraft systems designer & integrator, and avionics
technician. I proudly served in the US Navy and Navy Reserve, retiring
after 25 plus years with a commissioned grade of Warrant Officer
specializing in avionic technologies. In addition, I have held the
positions of President and Treasurer of the Employee Community Fund of
the Boeing company, directing and managing ~$35M of charitable giving on
an employee elected rotational board.

I have earned a BA in Business Management with a focus on operational
excellence (Cum Laude), FCC General Radio Telephone License with Radar
Endorsement and am active as an amateur radio Extra Class (KG7HQ).

My hope is that this quick introduction finds each of you well and
enjoying the enriching activity of amateur radio. My wish is that we
have a chance to exchange history, inspirations and thoughts, so I can
best represent going forward with your voice as part of the chorus.
Thank you ahead and best of 73.

Michael Sterba, KG7HQ
ARRL Vice Director
Northwestern Division

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: Mark J Tharp, KB7HDX

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