Northwestern News – Volume one, March 2024

Greetings Northwestern Division

Time flies and here we are in March already. Many of you got out and
kicked off Hamfest season at the Salem Hamfair in Rickreall OR. last
month and it sounds like they had a great turnout. I was unable to
attend as Jo and I were packing for our trip to sunny and warm Florida.
We attended the 40th year celebration of two-way voice communications
via Amateur Radio from space at the Kennedy Space Center hosted by
ARISS. It was a great conference with top notch speakers including
several astronauts. ARISS is a great program and I would encourage
everyone to visit the ARISS website and learn more. The event even made
a pre-arranged live contact with the ISS Saturday afternoon and a few of
the younger attendees were able to ask questions and talk to space.

This Saturday is the Mike and Key swap in Puyallup.
VD Sterba and I will be hanging around the ARRL table upstairs in our
normal corner. I will also be available for DXCC card checking.
WWA SM Simpson, EWA SM Whitney, and 2nd VP Ritz should also be wandering
about the booth.

Student and Life memberships:
This is still a work in progress at HQ as they work out the financial
details. As soon as we know more, it will be reported.

EC-FSC Committee:
The committee met on the 29th and was updated from HQ staff on various
topics including club commissions (see below), ARES form 2 and form 4
progress and we are getting started on a review of the Section Manager

PSC Committee:
The next meeting will be in April and I do not have any updates at this
time. 2nd VP Ritz is still a member of this committee and will get us an
update after the meeting.

Legislative actions:
We are not asking for any letters to be sent at this time on this
matter. Once it moves a bit further in the process that will be the
appropriate time for contacting your legislators. Your Congressional
representatives can be found on the ARRL web after logging in at this

(the following is a repeat from last month)
On January 30, 2024, US Senators Roger Wicker (MS) and Richard
Blumenthal (CT) introduced S.3690, the Senate companion bill to
H.R.4006, introduced last June. Both bills reflect the Congressional
campaign efforts by ARRL The National Association for Amateur Radio to
eliminate homeowner association land use restrictions that prohibit,
restrict, or impair the ability of an Amateur Radio Operator to install
and operate amateur station antennas on residential properties they
The full story can be found on the ARRL web here:

Club News: (random picks from club newsletters and other information)
The Club Commission program has once again been updated and now allows
an ARRL affiliated club to earn $20.00 for new ARRL members and $5.00
for renewals. One of the benefits of being an ARRL Affiliated Club is a
commission for recruiting new ARRL members and securing timely ARRL
member renewals. The commission structure has been updated and the
process has changed to make it more lucrative and easier for the clubs.
All membership dues are sent to ARRL to be processed and the club
receives a commission payment directly from ARRL. No more complicated
adjusting funds around credit cards, checks and cash. ARRL does all the
processing. As a result, your club could earn money while promoting the
many benefits and programs of ARRL to ensure that amateur radio is
protected and continues to be strong. Club officers can learn more at:

ARRL Foundation news:
The applicants have all been scored and we are now moving into the
interview process for the ARDC grants and then the awarding process for
the ARRL grants.

The next window for clubs is open from June 1st through June 30th.

Northwestern Division Convention, “SEA-PAC” registration is now

Confirmed ARRL sanctioned Hamfests and Conventions:
March 9th Mike and Key ARC Electronic Swapmeet Website:
April 13th N7YRC Tailgate Swapmeet Union Gap, WA (Near Yakima, WA)
April 20th Kamiah Ham Fest (Idaho) Website:
May 11th Southwest Idaho ARC Spring Hamfest Website:
May 11th Stanwood Camano ARC Electronic Flea Market and Hamfest Website:
May 31 – June 2nd ARRL Northwestern Division Convention “SEA-PAC”
June 7 – 9 Wenatchee, WA Hamfest Website:
July 20 Chehalis, WA Valley ARS Tailgate Swap
August 3 KARS, ARRL Idaho State Convention Website:
August 9 -11 Pacific Northwest DX Convention Website:

Check the N7CFO Pacific Northwest Hamfairs & Events webpage often for
the most up to date information.
or and click “PNW Events”

Mark J. Tharp – KB7HDX
Director, NW Division

What has VD Sterba been up to? Read on to find out!

Hello Northwestern Division,
February has been challenging and exciting as I rapidly come up to speed
on my new roles and responsibilities as Vice Director. I have received
countless congratulatory communications and feel honored to represent
you on the ARRL Board.

I have had the privilege of receiving inputs and thoughts from many of
our membership across the division. With these, I have communicated them
openly with Director Tharp in order to better understand best approaches
collectively. In addition to these, I also have been able to fill open
time with being in-person at some local events and meetings.

On a personal note, I have been prepping to replace one of my multi-band
dipoles as weather has permitted. When I went to inspect mount locations
over my roof, I found it very slippery with questionable footing. Though
this should not be a surprise to anyone, it does serve as a reminder to
always practice safety first when working on our antenna systems. As a
result, I paused my work till a later date under better conditions. At
the end of the day, not only should we have well maintained antennas and
support structures, we should also take great care in preventing injury
to ourselves and others around us.

Division stats:
At the end of February, the NW Division had 11,793 members which is down
3.5% from January where we had 12,100.
New ARRL members last month totaled 81.
Members that re-joined after a lapse totaled 42.
New hams in the NW Division last month totaled 257 (This represents a
great opportunity to educate about the ARRL!).
License class upgrades last month were 83.

National Stats:
At the end of February, the ARRL had 150,787 total members.
The number of Amateur licenses in the US through March 1st was 753,942.

Mark and I are always open to input, good and bad, (we prefer good) from
members. If you have anything you would like to talk about, shoot us an
email or call on the phone. In addition, we are always looking for
information to share with the Division. If you have a news item you
would like to offer, please send us a note and we would be glad to
include it here. It is always great to
hear from members.

Michael A. Sterba, KG7HQ
ARRL Vice Director
Northwestern Division

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: Mark J Tharp, KB7HDX

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