Division Awards

Washington – Worked all Counties

The “Washington – Worked all Counties” is sponsored by the Clark County ARC. This award is to acknowledge and recognize the achievement of contacting Amateur Radio operators in each of Washington state’s 39 counties. This award is open to any licensed ham. Individuals submit proof of contact to the Clark County awards team and once confirmed the award will be sent to you. This award was established in 1995. For more information email awards@w7aia.org

Washington Totem Award

The ” Washington Totem Award” is sponsored by the Western Washington DX Club, the Northwest’s largest and most active DX group, and takes pleasure in issuing the first major W7 award. This award is issued to any licensed radio amateur who submits proof of two-way radio contact with the state of Washington. The totem pole shown on our colorful certificate is typical of the totem poles found in the state of Washington. More information can be found here: https://www.wwdxc.org/awards/washington-totem/