Welcome to the new ARRL Northwestern Division Website! (Updated)

Update 3/17/19: We have made great strides forward on the site build. There have been related resource links added and background infrastructure built. We will be “reflecting” our announcement and newsletter content on Facebook (@NWDIVARRL) and Twitter (@arrlnwdiv). Like the email subscriptions we enjoy as ARRL members, this will help give exposure to a broader audience to support our transparency goals. We will not be connecting directly to these social media services for privacy reasons.

The Division Leadership is actively bouncing ideas off each other on adding interactive services such as forums to support our amateur radio hobby. This would be a great opportunity for each to share your thoughts on sustaining hobby related topics. Let us hear your voice! 🙂

Update 3/13/2019: We had a little bit of a rough ride, but have successfully stepped through and debug some underlying code conflicts. The unintended result was impactful to the user base as it both prevented registrations and posting comments. We apologize for the inconveniences this has caused and strive to minimize these escapes in the future.

We have expanded on our onsite pages and have started to link outwards to important resources. We don’t desire to replicate any resources, but to have them conveniently available as a service.

The Division Leadership Team has been huddling around your inputs as a method to provide two-way communications, visibility and transparency. Don’t forget to make your voice heard in the comments area as propagation of late hasn’t allowed us to hear the silent thoughts.

Update 3/4/2019: Since the original post, we have added in several elements to the site. There are 2 pages under construction where the Division elected and appointed leaders are described and listed. In addition, each of the Section contact information has been provided as a means to guide to your localized resources.

The latest ARRL news has it’s own page which is constantly updated with news, information and resources published by HQ.

We would be re-missed not to mention the link to PNW Events and Happenings hosted and maintained by Lynn, N7CFO. We encourage to visit his supporting site to get the latest and greatest on amateur radio events in our region and beyond.

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