The 7th Area QSO Party is this weekend!

This upcoming weekend, May 4-5, 2019, is the annual 7th Area QSO Party, (7QP), one of the largest QSO parties in the US. The 7QP, along with the Indiana QSO Party, the Delaware QSO Party, and the New England QSO Party all occur on the same weekend, so there should be lots of activity on the bands! They don’t all have the same start or end times but there will be activity from 1300Z on the 4th to 2359Z on the 5th. (And if you
use N1MM+ for logging, no matter where you are, you can run all four parties at the same time in the same log).

The 7QP itself runs 1300 UTC Saturday to 0700 UTC Sunday (6 AM PDT to midnight PDT). 7th call area stations work everyone, others work 7th area stations only. Work stations once per band/mode. 7th area mobiles (and those participating in other concurrent QSO parties or contests) may be worked again as they enter new counties.

This event has something for everybody, and all modes (No FT8 though, as the exchange is not supported). If you are a county hunter, there should be a lot of rare counties on the air during the weekend. Dick Frey, K4XU, will be roving as N7XU, activating some eleven rare counties in Oregon. Other mobile stations should be on the air as well. If you are an EmComm person with HF capability, get on to learn NVIS propagation paths between your location and the rest of the 7th call district locations.

Rules for the 7QP can be found here:

For a printable chart of 7th Area County abbreviations:

Your Northwestern Division Director and Vice Director will both be on the air mostly in the evening hours in the 7QP, as there are other scheduled events that will taking our time during the daytime hours on Saturday. Listen for W7VO operating with W7XQ from Deschutes County, Oregon (ORDES), and KB7HDX operating from his home in Yakima County, Washington, (WAYAK)!

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: Michael T Ritz, W7VO

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