Field Day, and a new introductory video now available!

Officially starting at 11 AM PDT on Saturday morning is almost every
active ham’s favorite weekend, ARRL Field Day. It’s a great club
mentoring opportunity to train and encourage new hams, and Amateur
Radio’s open house, with a lot of fun thrown in for good measure. The
weekend combines public service, emergency preparedness, community
outreach, and technical skills, all in a single fun event.

Many of the clubs I’ve spoken to over the last few months are now in
the final preparatory stages for Field Day, and are primed to get set up
and on the air. Coax, antennas, and portable towers or masts are being
dug out of garages and basements. Generators are being gassed up, and
radios are being safely packed for transport. Operating bands, modes,
and shift assignments are coming to finality, and I’m sure that a lot
of pot luck recipes are being dug out of kitchen cabinets too. Let’s
all pray to the propagation gods for great band conditions to match the
enthusiasm evident throughout the ARRL Northwestern Division!

Not part of a club, and not sure where to go to check out the nearest
Field Day site? The ARRL has a site locator page available to help you

Many club stations will have an official greeter, or Public Information
Officer assigned to handle guests and dignitaries that might come by and
visit the site, and perhaps learn about Amateur Radio for the first
time. Ideal for events such as Field Day, the ARRL has created a brand
new video that is available for clubs to set up on a portable laptop or
display for such occasions. This new “What is Amateur Radio?” video
is now available for viewing on the ARRL YouTube channel and via the
ARRL’s web site:

The video is also available for download for use at Field Day sites
that don’t have an internet connection. Here is a link to the MP4
version of the video:

(Note that the file is pretty large, so make sure you have better than a
dial-up internet connection!)

On the ARRL’s “What is Ham Radio?” web page, directly under the
video, there is a link to download a PowerPoint version of the video.

The video, which is just under three minutes in length, was produced by
ARRL Communications Content Producer Michelle Patnode, W3MVP. This
project was initiated by ARRL’s Lifelong Learning Department, which
recognized the tremendous need and desire for such a product among ARRL

The QST editorial department, with input from the Lifelong Learning and
Communications departments, created the script for the video. Images
were collected and collated by QST Assistant Editor Jen Glifort, KC1KNL,
and QST Managing Editor Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY, narrated the video.

I wish everybody in the Northwestern Division a great Field Day next
weekend. Get on the air, mentor a new ham, enjoy the company of
friends, (old and new), and make lots of contacts. That said, (and
above all else), stay safe!


Mike Ritz, W7VO
ARRL Northwestern Division Director

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: Michael T Ritz, W7VO

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