SPECIAL BULLETIN: Emergency Comms Exercise, Sept 15th and Sept 22nd, 2019

You are invited to participate in an Emergency Communications exercise:

Sunday, September 15, and Sunday September 22, 2019

Yuuri Daiku, VY1YU has organized an emergency communications exercise
to be held on two Sunday evenings, September 15 and 22. He has
requested that all amateur radio operators who have HF capability to
participate. The exercise involves checking in on regular 40 and 80
meter nets that are held on Sunday evenings. If you participate, Yuuri
asks that you keep a log of your contacts and attempted contacts and
send it to him by email.

Yuuri’s email address is: vy1yu-1@boreal.shiroha.com

He has provided the following list of nets which meet on Sunday
evenings: (all times are local Alaska Daylight Savings times)

04:30pm dy 3.975 Washington A. R. Trfc. Sys. Net
05:00pm dy 3.735 Saskatchewan Public Service Net
05;30pm dy 3.700 Alberta Public Service Net
05:30pm dy 3.729 BC Public Service Net
05:30pm dy 3.660 Prairie Traffic Net (CW)
05:45pm dy 3.590 10th Region Net (CW)

06:00pm dy 3.920 Alaska Snipers Net
06:00pm dy 3.652 BC Emergency Net (CW)
06:30pm dy 3.716 BC & Yukon NTS Net
06:30pm dy 7.100 Aurora Net (evening section)

07:00pm Sun 3.775 BC Northern Net
07:00pm dy 14.300 Pacific Seafarers Net
07:30pm Sun 3.880 Alaska ERC Net
08:00pm dy 7.093 Alaska Bush Net
08:00pm dy 3.695 Saskatchewan CW Net (CW)
09:00pm dy 3.933 Alaska Motley Group

Ernie Mueller, KL2UH
Juneau Amateur Radio Club

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: Michael T Ritz, W7VO

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