Oregon Section Manager Election

Several members have asked me about what is happening with the contested
Oregon Section Manager election process, given the severe COVID-19
issues in the Northeast, and as a result, the possibility of a partial
shut-down at ARRL HQ. Below is the response from interim CEO Barry
Shelly, N1VXY:

” … the pieces of the packages (ballots, envelopes, statements, etc.)
are complete and sitting in our mail room. Today, we contacted a local
mail distribution company (Dillion) and they are picking up all the
material this afternoon. They will collate and mail all the ballots
prior to the April 1st deadline. The ballots are due back by May 20th at
4 pm.”

So, the bottom line is that the Oregon SM election is still on as
scheduled. Please take the time to vote!

73 and stay safe!


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