SPECIAL BULLETIN – 2020-2021 ARRL Foundation Scholarship Recipients in the NW Division

A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to the eleven ARRL Northwestern Division
residing recipients of scholarships administered by the ARRL Foundation
for the academic 2020-2021 school year! Nationwide, there were 103 total
awards, totaling $144,450. For this year only, the non-profit Amateur
Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) has generously awarded a grant to
the ARRL Foundation to match each scholarship award on a
dollar-for-dollar basis, lifting the grand total of scholarships awarded
to $288,900.

I was a member of the Foundation’s scholarship committee again this
year, and I can attest that selecting the final recipients for each
scholarship I was assigned was an arduous task. The scholarship
candidates this round were all exemplary, most had grade point averages
exceeding 3.9 unweighted, and were also at or near the top of their

Applications for the 2021-2022 ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program will
be accepted between midnight October 1, 2020 and 11:59 PM Eastern
Standard Time December 31, 2020. Transcripts must be received by January
11, 2021 to be eligible, and applications without accompanying
transcripts will not be considered.

While the highest Foundation awards have historically been $5,000, there
will be several brand new scholarships awarded next cycle, several of
which will be for $25,000, and also quite a few at $10,000!
The ARRL Foundation Scholarship Committee will review all applicants for
eligibility. We do review all transcripts, and also take note of the
applicant’s involvement in amateur radio, which is often a deciding
factor! Scholarship recipients will be notified in May 2021 via USPS
mail and email.

Here is a listing of the deserving 2020-2021 scholarship recipients in
our Division:

Rachel Heimke, KL4JY, Anchorage, AK (The Richard G. Kirkpatrick, K8WU,
Memorial Scholarship)

Thomas Q. Koenig, KJ7JCD, Ethel, WA (The Lois Manley, K7LMZ, and Randall
Pitchford, WW7ZZ, Scholarship)

Adrianne V. Morrill, N7HYD, Spokane, WA (The William Bennett, W7PHO,
Memorial Scholarship)

Garth V. Naillon, KF7KJG, St. Helens, OR (The ARRL Foundation General
Fund Scholarship)

Declan M. O’Hara, KG7HTE, Lebanon, OR (The RFinder LLC – Arthur L.
Greenberg, W2LH, and Madeline Greenburg, W2EEO, Memorial Scholarship)

Joseph M. Pepe-Phelps, KL3JY, Anchorage, AK (The Wilse Morgan WX7P
Memorial ARRL Northwestern Division Scholarship)

Eric M. Poole, KI7ZRC, Hillsboro, OR (The Joel R. Miller (W7PDX) and
Martha C. Miller STEM Scholarship)

Hannah E. Rosenfeld, W7HER, Eugene, OR (The ARRL Foundation General Fund

Kyle Tidwell, KJ7FHF, Fairchild AFB, WA (The Mary Lou Brown

Jonathan W. Wanzer, KK6GXG, Klamath Falls, OR (Yankee Clipper Contest
Club Youth Scholarship)

Zachary D. Whitlock, KJ7AGP, Sandy, OR (The Dayton Amateur Radio
Association Scholarship)

Again, congratulations to all.

73 and stay safe!

Mike Ritz, W7VO
Director, ARRL NW Division


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