SPECIAL BULLETIN: 7th Area QSO Party: May 1st!

I’m passing along the below bulletin from Dick Frey, K4XU, and the
Central Oregon DX Club. This is always a great event every year, and a
great chance to get on HF as “DX”, where the rest of the country wants
to work YOU!

Working on your ARRL Worked All States award? Here’s a chance to rack up
those needed states quickly!



Greetings from the 7QP!

The 15th annual 7QP will run this year on Saturday, May 1. We have an
outstanding record to uphold. Based on number of logs received last
year, 7QP is the 3rd largest QSO party in the country and growing. For
the past several years we have had all 36 Oregon Counties on the air.
All kinds of 7QP info is available at www.7QP.org.

One reason 7QP has been so successful it that we share the weekend with
three other QSO parties:New England, Indiana and Delaware. We use the
same exchange format, we have unique county codes, and we sort contacts
that don’t count in scoring so you can send your log to all four without
having to edit your log. Just copy their whole exchange.

Covid 19 is still among us and will probably impact some of the
multi-ops. I put a Covid-specific allowance for those who want to try a
“distributed multi-op”, the only constraint is that all stations must be
within the same county.

Remember the Digital category or in mixed mode. Any digital contact
counts 4 points! We can help out all those guys looking for Oregon on
RTTY or PSK. Suggested frequencies: 80 kHz up on PSK; 86 kHz up on RTTY.
The Digital modes provide another way to get more new operators with
modest stations into the activity on HF. Unfortunately FT4 and FT8 will
not work, the 7QP exchange is not compatible. And if you log on a
computer, please email us a copy of your log even if you don’t care to
compete for an award. It helps us score the event. A convenient Web Form
is available to paste your log into.

Suggestion: If you are not using a computer logging program, now is the
time to get into it. I suggest using N1MM+. It’s easy, it’s FREE, and
was used by 70% of all entrants last year. Even if you are using another
program to track your QSOs, DXCC, etc, you can easily export your log
from N1MM back into it when the contest is over. Not only that, there
are three other QSO parties that also use our weekend. N1MM is the only
one that will let you log their exchange as sent. You can then enter
these by sending your log to them. It helps us and them too.

Whether you can participate this year or not, I’d appreciate your reply
to confirm your email address (and note any duplication), and so we can
make other arrangements to cover your county. Gilliam, Grant, Harney,
Hood River, Malheur, Morrow, Sherman, Walawa, Wasco, and Wheeler remain
as targets for expeditions and/or mobiles.

Talk it up when you can. Consider giving a talk to your local club about
the 7QP. Your support and enthusiasm for this event is the backbone of
the participation in Oregon. And remember to put May 1st on your
wife’s calendar so you don’t get pre-scheduled.

I look forward to hearing from you and, as always, thanks for your
support of the 7QP.

Dick Frey, K4XU
Bend, OR
7QP Chairman

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: Michael T Ritz, W7VO

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