Misbehaving Plugin Update

5/15/19 – As of this morning, It appears we have all the artifacts removed, and the site back to it’s original function. I personally apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
73 de KG7HQ

If our efforts to apply continuous improvements to this new site, we installed a function that is behaving badly as it is interfering with our user profiles and login in functions.

We have tried removing the offending plugin but have found that it is leaving artifacts behind that will prevent all but the Administrators from being able to login. I have a ticket in with the coder on this as well as I will be digging in to see if I can manually remove these left overs without impacting the site.

You may see some weird looking site elements as I step through working on this. If this is the case, please stop by a little later as I don’t intend to impact the users for long lengths of time.

Thank you es 73, KG7HQ


Here in the Pacific Northwest, I have assumed the roles and responsibilities of Assistant Director, Technical Specialist and a Volunteer Examiner, Nothwestern Division, ARRL. As an Amateur Radio Extra Class, I enjoy operating CW, SSB, FM, AM and Digital Mode technologies on the bands from 33cm through 80 Mtrs both base and mobile. With having a solid background in RF propagation and digital communications, I enjoy assisting others with their station setups. This station is powered by open source software.In addition to operating, I also assist with RFI/EMI complaints and/or problems. Whether we are tracing down powerline noise or assisting with complaints of interference, I try to render assistance toward a resolution.73, Michael - KG7HQ


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